Australian lighting brand Unios

UNIOS x RANGE: Crafting Excellence in Lighting Packaging

In the bustling city of Australia, the luminary manufacturer UNIOS and packaging solution expert RANGE embarked on a remarkable collaboration that started with a simple packaging need and evolved into a profound design exploration, shaping the brand image together.

The initial contact was to find a mold for UNIOS' lighting product range, and quickly, we found ourselves deep in discussions about the appearance and dimensions of the packaging. UNIOS, a company with exceptionally high standards for product quality, gradually revealed their unique insights into packaging design. It wasn't just about external aesthetics but a profound understanding of their company culture—quality and trust.

We realized that this packaging wasn't merely an outer shell; it was a symbol of users' trust in product quality. The design with a predominant black tone exuded a rigorous and professional ambiance, aligning seamlessly with UNIOS' consistent corporate image.

As the conversation deepened, we began to focus on the functionality of the packaging, involving the comprehensive protection of the product. We proposed the use of environmentally friendly recycled 600D nylon waterproof fabric, combined with TPU waterproof zippers and a multi-layer anti-collision design, achieving higher standards in functionality.

Throughout the entire exchange, we provided suggestions with a professional attitude while forming a strong resonance with UNIOS. Together, we not only delivered top-notch packaging for their products but also ensured the continuation and heritage of their brand.

After gaining an in-depth understanding of the product requirements, we swiftly entered the sample production process. In just five days, we delivered a product packaging that satisfied UNIOS. Subsequently, we entered negotiations for the order, including production quantity, delivery date, and delivery method, among other details.

Excitingly, we completed the scheduled 35-day delivery seven days ahead of time. To date, RANGE and UNIOS have successfully completed four OEM custom production orders for brand packaging.

This isn't just a successful collaboration in packaging design but a seamless interaction between two professional teams, injecting new vitality into Australia's lighting market. We look forward to more collaborations in the future, continuing to work together to create more remarkable lighting products.

In this radiant world of lights, the collaboration between UNIOS and RANGE shines with the brilliance of innovation and quality.

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