• STEP 1🧩

    Register as a RANGE subscriber.
    (New users unlock 15% discount)

  • STEP 2🧩🧩

    A one-time order of $2000.
    Unlock to become a RANGE wholesaler

  • STEP 3🧩🧩🧩

    Wholesaler growth plan
    Unlock more discounts and rebates.

Wholesaler Growth Plan

The vip level depends on the price of items you spend on the RANGE.

View your cumulative spending through your account.

  • 🚚Free shipping
    👑Discount 30%
    💳Gift cards $10
  • 🚚Free shipping
    👑Discount 32%
    💳Gift cards $20
  • 🚚Free shipping
    👑Discount 35%
    💳Gift cards $100
    ⚙️Free sample 1pcs
  • 🚚Free shipping
    👑Discount 38%
    💳Gift cards $20
    ⚙️Free sample 2pcs
  • 🚚Free shipping
    👑Discount 40%
    💳Gift cards $500
    ⚙️Free sample 3pcs

Welcome to be a wholesaler of RANGE.

We designed this reward privilege for loyal wholesalers like you. Each purchase you make, as well as the eventual accumulation, unlocks rewards and privileges.

Q & A

Q1: How do I know my level and redeem my level privileges?

  • Log into your account to see how much you've accumulated.
  • When you become a wholesaler, and the subsequent grade situation, we will notify you by email. And set discount privileges to your account.

Q2: What are the shipping methods and freight costs of wholesalers?

  • VIP all free shipping.
  • Bulk purchasing is usually based on sea shipping.

Q3: Are discount privileges limited to certain products?

  • No, wholesaler discount privileges can be used on all our product purchases.

Q4: What is a free sample?

  • After reaching the corresponding level. Wholesalers can request the corresponding number of samples per month for free, or customize their own brand samples for free.
  • They are free if you are requesting monthly samples outside of the order. You'll have to pay for their shipping.

Q5: $2000 First order

  • When you add any of our products to your shopping cart. When the order amount reaches $2000, it will automatically calculate 30% discount.

Q6: Import duties/taxes

  • Once the parcel reaches the destination country, any import duties and taxes will be charged, which must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. We are not responsible for these charges, as customs policies vary from country to country.
  • If you have any questions related to customs fees, we will ask you to contact your local customs office.

Q7: Cancel/change

  • After placing an order, we do not accept any changes/cancellations.
  • If an order needs to be changed or must be cancelled for unforeseen reasons, a processing fee of 4% of the total order is required.